I built & led the team that designed the official site, app and streaming service for the National Hockey League. My engagement with the NHL spanned more than five years with my role ranging between team lead, design strategist, art director, storyteller and UX researcher.

It was also an opportunity to build centers of excellence around UX Research and Prototyping for BAMTech Media.

Project Highlights


In 2016 we redesigned and relaunched NHL's streaming streaming service across mobile, web and TV devices.

My team redesigned the streaming experience and the new user acquisition funnel.

Around The League

One feature we were especially proud of was "Around the League". This was a user-centered feature that is authentic to the game. Our UX research revealed viewing habits that are unique to the pacing and rhythm of hockey. There are long breaks in the action, during which fans want to check in on exciting moments from rival teams or favorite players. At the same time, their FOMO prevented them from taking their eye off the current game, even though there was a break. ATL provided a fluid way to watch highlights while keeping an eye on your team.

This feature was a cross-functional effort to align the data feeds, UI build and design into a seamles UX.

See the feature in action.