Brian McConnell

UX & Design Leader / Product Builder

I am a director of UX & Design at BAMTECH Media.

Previously I ran product development for BlogTalkRadio.

Way back in the late 1900s I started designing websites and then founded an agency. We did ok for a while until Napster took out my clients. So I wrote code for a few years to pay rent until one day I had to run a usability test. The participants hated my wireframes. it woke me up to my original passion and I pivoted back product design.

Father & father, husband, auto-didact, divemaster, short order taco cook, cyclist, runner, world traveller, afficianado.

Design Principles

  1. Speed is the most important feature
  2. Writing is a design Skill
  3. Let the machine do the work
  4. Newton's Laws of Interaction

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Design Process

The best designs are a result of reflection. A design is the transformation from idea through different forms (sketch, wireframe, comp, prototype) until a solution is uncovered. Insights arrive during reflection between these forms.

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