I am a multi-faceted design leader with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for product strategy. I love design's unique power to create our own reality.

I am also a father & father, husband, auto-didact, PADI divemaster, short order taco cook, road cyclist, runner, world traveller and pho afficianado.

My career began in the late 1900s when I built my first website in my dorm room and shared the link with a friend on the other side of the planet. I was instantly hooked.

In 2001 I co-founded a digital agency designing applications for music industry clients. We flourished for a couple of years until Napster and the iPod combined to put my biggest clients and I out of business. This adversity led to my first career pivot when I learned programming so I could keep making stuff (and pay NY rent).

10,000 hours into my engineering career I had to run my first usability test on some clickable wireframes. The users – actual people who had to work with this software – hated it. Participants tore it apart and provided me an object lesson in user-centered design. I knew at that moment I needed to pursue thoughtful design that is rooted in real human needs.

I made my second career pivot back to design. I took on any job I could at tiny startups & side hustles where I could learn skills in branding, prototyping, UX research, interaction design and more. My combined experience as an entrepreneur, engineer and designer opened opportunities in product management and team leadership.

Design Principles

  1. Speed is the most important feature
  2. Writing is a design Skill
  3. Let the machine do the work
  4. Newton's Laws of Interaction

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Design Process

The best designs are a result of reflection. A design is the transformation from idea through different forms (sketch, wireframe, comp, prototype) until a solution is uncovered. Insights arrive during reflection between these forms.

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