NHL Game Flow

GameFlow™ introduced a groundbreaking way to visualize the momentum of action in a hockey game. This feature in the NHL app uses real-time data from the rink to render a graph of how much offensive pressure each team is applying.

Design: Brian McConnell, Bill Blair, Sean Dolinsky
Product: David Singer, Sasha Eysymontt

My role as director was assembling the team of designers, prototypers, and researchers, setting our Design Strategy, and Storytelling to align cross-functional partners. I also designed the v1 interactions and built the visiontype to secure funding.


To secure buy-in from NHL and Disney leadership we needed to shop the feature in context. We built a VisionType in Keynote to walk execs through the experience. It also facilitated collaboration with services and client engineering. Our Apple developers in particular were eager to build new PiP capabiliites in TVOs, and experiment with synchronization capabilities between Apple devices.