Disney StreamEngine

This suite of 35+- enterprise SAAS products behind Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN saved Disney $80M/pa in operating costs and doubled AARPU.

Streaming QoS Analysis

Role & ResponsibilityTeamTimelineImpact
Sr. Director, Product Design

Team hiring, management, and organization design. Design strategy. Partner management. Budgeting. Culture development.
12 FT Designers + 4-6 Design ContractorsJan 2019 - Aug 2023saved $80M p/a in operating costs
supported a 2x growth in AARPU

Streaming Video is Hard

Operating at the scale, and legal exposure, that Disney does often requires us to build, not buy, solutions due to cost or privacy constraints. The scale of this platform was comparable to an entire industry. Many of the products we built matched the scale of commercial products.

As the executive accountable for product design my mission was to invest design effort in the products that could make the biggest business impact through customer acquisition, cost optimization, increasing agility, or improving decision quality.

Disney ProductPurposeCommercial Analog(s)
GenieBilling and SKU managementOrb, Metronome
BaymaxCustomer Support PortalZendesk
WeaponXExperimentation & Feature FlaggingOptimizely, Launch Darkly
PolarisContent CurationContentful + ContentStudio
OptumusStreaming Quality AnalysisConviva
Developer PlatformCentralized resources for managing developer resources (services, APIs, documentation, etc)n/a
DATA PlatformA one-stop shop for all metrics and analytics of our streaming services.Tableau, Zoho
Ad Manager, Mission ControlAdvertising curation, provisioning, and deployment.Google AdSense, Amazon Advertising
Partner PortalTesting APIs, documentation, and issue tracking for developers building with Disney's SDK.GitLabs
GalaxyPlatform for sending personalized targeted messages (Email, SMS, Push) to our users.salesforce + braze

All of the products we designed or consulted on:

Anti-Piracy Operations, Audience Segmentation, CDN Management Console, Commerce & Offer Operations, Commerce Config Tool, Content Catalog Browser, Content delivery Preview, Content Experience Management, Content Portal (hulu live, sVOD), CX Dashboard , Data Activation Framework , DATA instrumentation library, Data Portal , Developer Portal, Dictionary & Translation, Disney Edge Controller (DEC), EXD Design System, Experimentation , Fraud Management Service, Hulu Ad Manager, Hulu Ad Mission Control, Hulu Ad Revenue Processing Service, Machine Learning Dashboard, Metadata Mapping & Visualization, Partner Portal, Player Config Service, Responder Files (DATA Feature Market), SRE Dashboard, Streaming QoS Insights, Support Agent Console, Unified Messaging Platform

Legacy Of Tool Innovation

Why build custom software tools?

To create something truly novel you need novel tools.

Disney has a rich history of building new tools that unlock creative possibilities. One famous example was the Multi-plane camera which massively accelerated animation and enabled parallax motion techniques.

Multiplane Camera

The Team

A team is greater than the sum of the individuals. It's a singular unit with a shared purpose. The secret ingredient that binds a group of people together is the culture. I'm proud to say the Enterprise XD team at Disney had a strong culture of psychological safety, authenticity, and shared growth.

Culture can be designed with intentional reinforcement of the behaviors that align with our values. Other teams at Disney saw this and asked for an open-source toolkit for our culture workshop.



To tackle such a large surface area, we organized the team into pods for each topical area. These subjects aligned with business outcomes as well.

Design System

We partnered with an team of engineers who cared deeply about developer productivity to create a design system and a visual language that was unique to disney. This design system provides a high quality, rapid, and robust UI framework across all these products.

Trek Overview