WHTN: PAL-9100

The PAL 9100 aka "Starry Night" is a lighting array and control software we created for events and retail uses. The initial installation was the Park Avenue Lounge in Bushwick, Brooklyn (hence the name PAL).

Launched December 2008



The installation consisted of 64 white LEDs, and 4 "blacklight" LEDs, hand-stitched into black fabric. The lights were driven by a Phidgets IO kit running a dashboard built in Flash Actionscript.


PAL 9100 Design Principles

Expert Users

Aim for the top of the learning curve. Our core users will have a working understanding of the software before using it in a live production. More like "Airplane cockpit" than "Car dashboard".

Enhance the music

The lighting system works in harmony with the soundtrack of the event. The timing & speed controls in the app are designed to match the music tempo. We use music terminology instead of electrical jargon.

Allow Improvisation

We expose "break glass" controls and realtime editing capabilities so the user can adapt to changes at the venue in real-time.

PAL 9100 editor

PAL 9100 editor