Rapid Prototyping 101

The clothes just fit differently when you try them on.

In late 2015 I witnessed one of the smoothest, healthiest, most productive mergers I've ever heard of. My company MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM) acqui-hired Vertigo, a digital agency with deep expertise in TV app development & design. The MLBAM leadership made a very big effort to welcome the Vertigo team without assimilating them. A key to success was a multi-day on-site at the Vertigo offices in Richmond, CA to introduce and integrate team leaders. We dubbed this "Vertigopalooza".

It was my mission to start building a strong relationship with the TV UI engineering teams from Vertigo. The Vertigo team had a great reputation for working proactively with designers to build the impossible and adapting when we reach impractical. I've found one of the best ways to connect with engineers is through rapid prototyping together.

I put together this quick presentation for the 60 person vertigo team on how the MLBAM design team was using prototyping to push the envelope on TV UIs, and how we might work together. Oh, and mention the immense business value to be unlocked in rapid prototyping.

Presented October ~15, 2015