Security Scorecard


Security Scorecard provides an objective audit of your company's security posture. I consulted with Security Scorecard on refining their brand positioning and the core product experience.

Brand Positioning

Many people think of Branding as the visual artifacts – logos, color, messaging – but I believe the first half of branding is self-identity. You must understand who you are, what you believe and what you hope to accomplish before you can align the execution behind that identity.

Fortunately, the Security Scorecard leadership and the teams on the ground already had a clear story about who they were and what their mission was. We also had substantial user feedback on what customers and potential customers expected from a cyber security firm. This clear qualitative evidence paved the way for the visual identity.

The visual language had to have gravitas and credibility as a security expert while also standing out from competition. Understanding the emotional response we were targeting, coupled with a broad competitive audit, provided a clear direction where to take the visual design.

Scorecard Executive Report

A key product feature was a summary of a firm's security posture for company leadership. The design challenge was to finding new ways to present nuanced and dense cyber-security information to people who aren't subject matter experts; but need actionable insights. The report had to deliver those insights without being alarmist and provide the substantiating evidence.

We used qualitative data from customer interviews, customer success teams and business development teams to build a profile of who our target user was. That helped us prioritize the essential content and visualization methods.