Eurosport Player

I led an end-to-end redesign across TV, Mobile and Web of Europe's largest streaming sports service (analogous to ESPN in the US).

I directed a trans-atlantic team of designers & researchers in re-imagining Europe's largest streaming sports service on TV, web, and mobile. We completed the end-to-end design and build in 4 months in advance of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

A Unified Experience Across Devices

Viewers access content on any device that's available to them; from phones to laptops to televisions. A consistent user interface governed by intentional design decisions makes moving between devices a seamless experience.

A new Design System for a cherished brand

The Eurosport brand is recognized across the globe and appears in many different contexts including digital, broadcast, print, and in-venue. We worked within the brand system to create an experience that is recognizable and authentic to digital.