"The Worldwide Leader In Sports" is an imprint of Disney and one of its most important (lucrative and prestigious) brands. Joining Disney provided an opportunity to collaborate with the ESPN team in Bristol, CT on several direct-to-consumer initiatives.

ESPN+ Launch

Design DirectorDesign Strategy, Stakeholder ManagementFour (3 Designers, 1 Researcher)Nov 2017 - Apr 2018


This project was the first opportunity to establish Growth Design as a center of excellence within Disney. My team leveraged our experience building acquistion, signup and onboarding for Major League Baseball, the NHL and other clients for Disney's first direct-to-consumer streaming service.

Some of the key insights we brought were leveraging favorite teams within the signup flow to increase conversion, reducing major friction points in account setup, and offering credit-less payments.

Streaming Sports Vision

Case study available on request

How might we watch sports 5 years in the future amidst a landscape of shifting consumer habits and increasingly competitive rights deals? This project leans on years of UX research, and experience operating sports streaming products, to propose a fan-centric future state of the ESPN TV apps for ESPN+ and ESPN's proposed Direct-to-Consumer service.

Design DirectorDesign Strategy, Team Lead3 Designers, 1 ResearcherNov 2019 - Feb 2020


ESPN SportsCenter+

We had extensive user research that suggested an opportunity to create a personally relevant, time-shifted, whip around experience for fans. Our concept was to leverage the incredible SportsCenter brand into a personalized highlight show.

The raw materials for this product all existed within the ESPN app ecosystem: live action highlights, studio commentary, UI motion for transitions, and ML personalization algorithms. The net new work was a branded experience and duration controls. This made the level of effort lower than expected.