I joined Disney through their acquisition of MLB/BAMTech to launch their streaming platforms. While there, I built their design teams for Growth Design, UX Research, Sports Products, and Enterprise Tools. I'm also deeply passionate about Design Ops initiatives to attract and develop talent.

Growth Design

Growth Design

How might we onboard guests to a brand-new streaming service from the most beloved entertainment brand in the world?

"Growth Design" encompassed the onboarding, subscription, and profile management surfaces of Disney+. I built a team of 8 designers and researchers – in close collaboration with peers in marketing & product – to design for 17 platforms, 8 payment methods, 40+ countries, and 1000+ product combinations.

The result: 110 Million subscribers in two years

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Disney+ GroupWatch


GroupWatch was Disney's first social viewing feature. It allows people to stream movies & shows in sync on any device Disney+ is available.

I led a team of 20+ product designers and researchers from proof-of-concept through international roll-out over 18 months. This project tapped into every skill on the team: UX research, UI design, illustration, motion design, brand design, and production.

Read the full GroupWatch Case Study

Enterprise StreamEngine

"StreamEngine" is a suite of 30+ purpose-built tools that operate Disney's streaming services (Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, STAR+). Our team of 20 designers partnered with hundreds of developers & product managers across Disney to design products for "content production", "growth life", "business intelligence", and "developer productivity".

Collectively these products saved Disney $100M p/a in operating costs; but more significantly they opened new creative possibilities for cast members to better serve our guests.