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My friends call me BMC, a nickname given by a Wu-Tang member, but my family calls me Brian. Either works.

I am a 👧🏻 father, 👦🏻 father, 👩🏻 husband, 🗽 New Yorker, 🚲 ️cyclist, 📖 auto-didact, 🌮 short order taco cook, 🤿PADI divemaster, 🌎 world traveler and 🍜 pho connoisseur.

I’m currently leading product design at Disney for our STAR+ streaming service, and Enterprise Experience. Previously I’ve built high performance teams here, at startups, and enterprises using a customer-first mindset and cross-functional collaboration.

My core values as a leader are curiousity, authenticity and momentum. I’m told that I excel at inspirational leadership and product strategy; but the work I’m most proud of is building design’s sphere of influence in an organization with new centers of excellence and mentoring emergent design leaders.



I forged my design process early on through work at my agency, Kageki, building skills in user research and systems thinking. I consulted closely with my clients to dig deep into their real business needs, then ideate innovative solutions with them. We helped a record distribution save hundreds of thousands of dollars by redesigning their digital supply chain, and we led fashion brands to reach new audiences and double sales.

Later, as a technology leader at Edelman, I used user research to persuade executive leadership of a new direction for client projects. Feedback from end users helped prevent critical usability flaws, and validate a new UX approach for a much broader audience. This inspired a second career pivot from Engineering to UX Design.

Most recently at Disney Streaming (née MLB Advanced Media) I built new capabilities and mentored new leaders. I founded centers of excellence in UX Research, Growth Design, Enterprise and Core Design.



FTP: 3.5w/kg

My happy place is riding my bike through the New England countryside. It is a source of physical and psychological nourishment for me. I try to be in the saddle around 160km or 7hrs each week.


World Traveller

200+ Cities, 37 Countries, 5 Continents

I believe that travel makes you a better person and a better designer. My family and I try to explore the world whenever it's safe and reasonable.

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Key Stakeholders

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